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Shirron Plate Wort Chiller

Shirron Plate Wort Chiller

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Many home brewers prefer using plate chillers to cool their wort, mainly because they’re relatively small size and excellent efficiency. If you think that a plate chiller is right for you, you might want to consider the Shirron Plate Wort Chiller. This compact chiller features 11 stainless steel plates fused together with copper solder, creating an incredibly durable base that is truly made to last.

This chiller features small channels that weave their way across the surface of each of the 11 plates, creating more surface area for the wort to travel over in order to cool it down more thoroughly. There are two ½ inch male pipe threads for the wort inlet and outlet, while the water in and out is a ¾ inch male garden hose thread.

Using a plate chiller requires  thorough cleaning. Most brewers recommend back flushing the chiller immediately after use. 
12.5" long, 3" wide, and 2" thick.

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