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Still Spirits Top Shelf Liqueur Essences: Classic Flavors

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    Making these liqueurs is simple! You mix your Liqueur Essence with it’s matching Liqueur Base Pack, alcohol, and water. The ideal finished thickness and sweetness of each Liqueur varies and our range of Liqueur Base Packs are matched to each liqueur to give you the perfect finish. Each Liqueur Essence comes in a 50 mL bottle.
    •  Absinthe
      • Popular with artisans of the 1900's. Add sugar and water and wait for the 'Green Fairy' to be unleashed.
    • Butterscotch Cream
      • Delicious butterscotch, very easy drinking!
    • Candy Shots
      • A liqueur with a sweet candy flavor.
    • Caranilla Cream
      • A delicious blend of vanilla and sweet caramel... mouthwatering!
    • Crème de Menthe
      • Green liqueur with a clean, refreshing, peppermint flavor.
    • Dry Gin

      • A dry English style Gin for the connoisseur. It has a lovely rich Juniper aroma and taste. 

    • Dry Vermouth 

      • Italian style Vermouth - can be made with wine or spirit.

    • Ouzo
      • Aniseed flavored spirit much loved by Greeks the world over. 
    • Parfait Amour

      • Known as the liqueur of love this fragrant liqueur is very popular in France.

    • Southern Haze

      • Smooth and delicious with just a touch of sweetness and a rich amber color.

    • Tequila

      • Bitter sweet spirit, typical of the national drink Mexico is famous for!

    • Vodka

      • All the smoothness and subtle flavors you would expect to find in premium vodka. 

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