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Still Spirits Top Shelf Liqueur Essences: Fruity Flavors

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    Making these liqueurs is simple! You mix your Liqueur Essence with it’s matching Liqueur Base Pack, alcohol, and water. The ideal finished thickness and sweetness of each Liqueur varies and our range of Liqueur Base Packs are matched to each liqueur to give you the perfect finish. Each Liqueur Essence comes in a 50 mL bottle.
    • Apple Schnapps

      • Delightfully crisp, just like Granny Smith apples!

    • Apricot Brandy

      • A brandy liqueur that has the fresh taste of infused apricots.

    • Banana Schnapps

      • Heavenly fresh bananas.

    • Blackberry Schnapps

      • Mouthwatering blackberries. 

    • Blue Curacao

      • Bright blue, strong citrus orange flavor. 

    • Cherry Brandy

      • Brandy liqueur with sweet cherry flavor balanced with the almond flavor from the kernel.

    • Citrus Vodka

      • A delightfully refreshing vodka with delicate infusions of lemon and lime providing a most appealing citrus taste.

    • Coconut Rum

      • Based on world famous liqueur combining Caribbean White Rum with fresh coconut.

    • Feijoa Schnapps

      • A liqueur with the unique New Zealand flavor of Feijoa. 

    • Grande Paris

      • Parisian liqueur made from Cognac and tropical oranges from the Caribbean. 

    • Mango Liqueur

      • The taste of the tropics!

    • Marula Cream

      • Flavored with the distinctive taste of Marula berries found only in Southern latitudes of Africa.

    • Melon Liqueur

      • Delicate Japanese style honeydew melon liqueur.

    • Orange Brandy

      • French style liqueur combining brandy and fresh oranges

    • Orange Truffle Irish Cream

      • Your famous Irish cream liqueur with a twist. Rich decadent chocolate truffle aromas finished by fresh orange peel notes.

    • Peach Schnapps

      • Sweet, clear liqueur with a soft flavor and the aroma of fresh peaches.

    • Pear Schnapps

      • A delicate pear schnapps.

    • Pina Colada

      • Divine combination of pineapple and coconut.

    • Pineapple Schnapps

      • A liqueur with the fresh taste of pineapples clean and fresh.

    • Strawberry Schnapps

      • A soft and delicate liqueur with the fresh taste of strawberries. 

    • Triple Sec

      • Clear liqueur with a rich, strong and dry citrus orange taste. 

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