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Still Spirits Top Shelf Liqueur Essences: Herbal Flavors

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    Making these liqueurs is simple! You mix your Liqueur Essence with it’s matching Liqueur Base Pack, alcohol, and water. The ideal finished thickness and sweetness of each Liqueur varies and our range of Liqueur Base Packs are matched to each liqueur to give you the perfect finish. Each Liqueur Essence comes in a 50 mL bottle.
    • Dictine

      • Brandy based herbal liqueur created by the monks of the Middle Ages. 

    • Herbal Liqueur

      • Reddish-brown, 35% A/V German herbal liqueur. Serve extremely cold.

    • Reverendine

      • An elixir of 27 herbs and spices! Created by Benedictine monks of the Renaissance era.

    • Scotch Heather

      • Heavenly honey based Whiskey liqueur with an infusion of herbs and spices.

    • Skyebuie

      • A Scottish herbal liqueur based on Whiskey with notes of honey.

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