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TübTie Gardener's Stretch Tie Tube 110 Feet - Better than PVC Plant Tape

  • 1499

✔ Unlike other plant stretch tape, TübTie will not girdle plants!
✔ Ergonomic Belt Loop for Hands Free Use and Easy Dispensing! You deserve an enjoyable gardening experience, TübTie will allow securing your plants with no hassle!
✔ High Quality. Stronger than standard plant tie tape. Made in Italy!
✔ Easier to tie than garden tape and garden twine!
✔ 100% Sustainably Made and 100% Recyclable!

The raw material of our TübTie garden stretch tie stretches as plants grow without girdling them. This binding tube is a must have for every gardener. With an easy to use plastic loop at the top TübTie can be clipped to a belt for hands free use. No longer will you need to deal with unruly rolls of plant tape that get tangled and knotted. So frustrating! Professional vineyard and orchard growers will also find this is a big upgrade from traditional tying methods. A perfect gift for any gardener!