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Utilifelt Chair Leg Floor Protectors, 1 3/16” Round, Espresso Color Base with Grey Felt

  • 1499

  • DON'T BUY our competitors’ felt glides until you read below!
  • UNLIKE OUR COMPETITORS, we use an epoxy based resin to attach the felt to the ABS plastic base so the felt will not peel away under normal use.
  • WE'VE READ THE NEGATIVE REVIEWS OF OUR COMPETITORS' PRODUCTS and have constructed ours of high quality, durable ABS plastic instead of the cheaper, more fragile poly material.
  • Even our packaging is more durable than our competitors’ products. We package our felt glides only in recyclable, clear plastic jars to fully protect our product from damage until it is in your hands. Other companies only show their glides because their packaging is of such poor quality they don’t want you to see it before buying!
  • It is recommended to drill a small pilot hole before installing our nail-on felt glides for all hardwood furniture.

Utilifelt(tm) Modern Felt Home is a family owned and operated company located in Portland, Oregon. Our mission is to bring the sustainability and durability of felt back into everyday life with modern design. We believe in the buy it for life (BIFL) philosophy and manufacture our products to the highest quality standards so they thrive under everyday use. More information about Utilifelt(tm) can be found on our website ( as well as on Facebook and Instagram. Our 7/8” nail-on felt pads are made with high density felt to reduce compression while and resist wear during use. With nearly 1” of felt in each pad to protect your beautiful floors you can rest assured you won’t see any scratches, dents or dings on your floors when using this product. Everyone want’s to keep their floors in excellent shape, BUT… No one want’s the aesthetics of their furniture to be minimized with oversized and awkward looking felt pads. Therefore we offer a number of different colors to match your furniture. BUT WAIT, THERE’s MORE…… we are also thinking about the first impression your home makes on guests. Because of this we have chosen a light to medium gray felt color to help hide any dust that may accumulate on your floors.